Menthol Sinus Relief Shower Steamers


Feeling stuffy?  Do you like the smell of Vicks vaporub?  If yes, this product is for you!  Open your sinuses as the steamer fizzes and releases an amazing aroma therapeutic experience.  Simple to use, long lasting and very strong.  *Detailed instructions for safe use included in each pack.   


Included:  3 (2oz) steamers, organza bag  and suction cup.  Everything you need for a menthol (plus camphor, eucalyptus and mint) steam infused 'Sinus Relief' shower.   Each steamer lasts approximately 18-20 minutes, for a really long shower or allowed to dry and be used for a second shower. 


To use:  Remove one steamer from wrapper.  Place inside the organza bag and hang on shower spout (not head) or on wall of shower with suction cup provided.  Do not place in direct stream of water.  Splash a bit of water to activate and then periodically to keep steamer fizzing.


Please note:  This is a shower product only, not to be used as a bath bomb.  Do not use to soak.  Wash hands after handling bare steamer.  Do not place on shower head to use.  Do not get in eyes.  Please keep out of reach of children.


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