Paw Patrol

*Seconds*  Smaller 60g Paw Patrol bath bombs,  perfect for little hands!  These are not 100% perfect (rough around the edges) Still usable and fun for any PP fan!!


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Easter Bag

A few bags left over from a custom order, value $14


Carrot Crumble with Easter Toy inside

Bombsicle scented in Berry Twist

120g round bath bomb scented in Jelly Bean


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MC Round

Minecraft rounds created for toys that were too big to fit in the square mold.  Price reduced to $5 instead of $6 because of the shape.  Still the same anticipation and bath bomb fun!!


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Your favorite goth girl!  Scented in 'Poison Apple' and contains hidden color inside.  Comes with 2 themed stickers. 


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Wednesday Sets

Set includes full size Wednesday scented in 'Poison Apple',  The Thing and Spider scented in 'Death by Chocolate.'   Themed sticker as well!!  All shrink wrapped and ready for gifting your obsessed Wednesday Fan!!


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HP Set

Are you looking for the perfect birthday/Easter gift for your wizard fan???  Two full size HP themed bath bombs scented in Cotton Candy, comes ready for magically fun!!


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The one with...Gondola Bath Bombs

Friends Fans!!  The most requested set has made a short comeback!  Includes 4 (90-120g) bath bombs.  Scented in Butt Naked and comes ready for gifting.


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